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PT. Inti Teknologi Informasi (IntiSoft) is a leading provider of information technology which purpose to give business solution with system that effective and match with current technologies. With a team of experts boasting extensive experience in the field, we are well placed to help our clients grow and thrive - even in challenging times.

By really getting to know our customers, our talented team are able to offer unique and customized solutions backed by data driven analysis and broad research. As a company we believe in building long lasting client partnerships which help us all grow. To learn more about how our tailor made software solutions can help your business flourish, read on.

Putting a smile on a customer’s face is everything to us. :)

Our Vision :

To become an information technology company that is able to compete in the make of integrated online application solutions that are useful to meet company needs

Our Mission :

  • Create and modify applications that are user friendly and can help companies to be more efficient.
  • Analysis the company's business processes and provide the best solutions for customer problems.
  • Selling quality programs at the best prices.
  • Maintain long-term good relationships with customers through support and maintenance.

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The program we produce has gone through quality testing from our expert team


With the best service from our experienced team, your smile is important to us

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We realize that punctuality is very important for our customers


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The first phase is gathering all possible customer requirements and documenting them to plan the entire project.


From requirement we studied to create a suitable system design. This helps in defining the hardware and system requirements and the overall architecture.


The system design becomes the input here to develop small programs that are known as units. After each unit is coded, it is tested. All units are integrated and then tested again for user acceptance.


Once all issues are fixed, the finished product is released to the customer or the market.


Any issues that crop up in the client environment are fixed in maintenance mode. Besides issuing patches, this phase may also release better versions of the product.


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